The Muslim

As salaamu alikum ,Sisters/Brothers In Islam ..

Jazaka’Allah for coming to my webpage Insha’Allah the links will be a help to those who come .We as “Muslims” have a very important role to carry out. We are the backbone to this Ummah, Allah(swt)laid down our rights and demanded our respect.

We are Noble in the site of Allah(swt). We are a Rare creature that Allah(swt) has created.

So Lets never lose our dignity,and Honour.

Lets Always be Special In the site of Allah(swt).Let’s Stay on the Right Path and Always Follow the Quran&Sunnah.

Let’s strive for the Jannah with doing good deeds and fulfilling our obligations as “Muslims”.

Let’s guard our chasity,guard our tongues from evil whispers of Shaitain with gossiping,slander, and jealousy.

Let’s guard ourselves from doing sins and when we fall short in that let’s make repentance (Taubah) to Allah(swt) and keep striving to do righteousness.

Let’s bring togetherness amongst ourselves as muslims in this Deen.Let’s never forget that striving for the Jannah will not be easy but falling into sin makes it easy for us to gain the Hellfire.

We must remember Allah(swt) all the time and try our very upmost in striving for “That which is good and abstaining from that which is forbidden”.

Let’s remember the muslims of our past and try ever so hard to be like them in character for they were the best of servants Allah(swt) ever created ..”The Sahabas”.

Let’s LOVE ourselves and LOVE each other enough that so that we can build a MUSLIMHOOD of love and honour.

We must help each other get to the Everlasting Bliss(Jannah)by Obeying Allah(swt) and Obeying The Messenger(saw).

As salaamu alaikum WaRahmahtu’Allahi Wa Barakatuhu PEACE,LOVE AND TOGETHERNESS!!!!!

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